Thursday, August 04, 2005

More foolishness

Martin Lapointe: 3 years/$7.2 million from Chicago

Oleg Tverdovsky: 3 years/$7.5 million from Carolina

Rob Niedermayer: 4 years/$8 million from Anaheim

Brian Rafalski: 2 years/$8.4 million from New Jersey

Vladimir Malakhov: 2 years/$7.2 million from New Jersey

Andre Roy: 3 years/$3 million from Pittsburgh

Some of these GMs, man. They just don't get it.


At 4:15 PM, Blogger The Puck Stops Here said...

What is the "it" that these GMs do not get?

Maybe the NHL's financial position was grossly exaggerated to justify the lockout.

Maybe the lockout was done NOT because teams were spending more than they could afford, but with a salary cap and floor there would be more markets excited in the off season since there would be more roster moves and more temas thinking they improved (which is impossible - everyone cannot have improved their team). Maybe it was believed that this would raise NHL revenue. I'm still skeptical as to whether or not it will work over the longterm, but I think that this CBA is bringing about the results that it was intended to in the short term. The GMs get "it" but you do not.

At 4:27 PM, Blogger CMcMurtry said...

What these GM's don't get:

1) The salary cap will, barring a miracle, be lower next year. Everyone spending their brains out, getting closer to that $39 million limit will be fucked. I see very few short term deals being given out in case they
Not to mention the length of some of these deals. Mike Modano five years, Alex Kovalev four, Alexei Zhamnov four, Mike Rathje five, Chris Pronger five. Is it wise to committ so many years?

2) Next summer's free agent crop is even richer, and they're driving the prices up by giving the Martin Lapointe's of the world $2.4 million a year. If Brian Rafalski is worth $4.2 million, what's Wade Redden worth? Zdeno Chara?

You're right, maybe these GMs do know something I don't. Maybe they have an inside track on why revenues won't take the expected dip this coming season, and thus, they won't have a $34 million cap to try and operate under.

But, with all due respect, I think giving these guys, who have been beyond irresponsible in the past when dishing out deals, the benefit of the doubt seems short sighted.

I suspect the more logical explanation is that they are not able to adjust to the new world and are operating with their old world tactics, allowing themselves to get caught up in the spending frenzy.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger v said...

The Rick Nash contract really irks me. Too much money for too long for a player that young even in light of the fact he led the league in goals. If Nash is worth 5 years and $27 million, what do Hossa, Havlat, and Spezza hold out for now? Thanks Doug MacLean! Thanks a bunch!

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