Friday, September 02, 2005

No OLN love for the Sens

The NHL released their TV schedule with their new national cable partner OLN and, surprise, surprise, there are no appearances by the Ottawa Senators.

Now, I realize OLN is serving Americans (whether or not the Canadian OLN will be allowed to show games still remains a mystery, but the betting line seems to say no), but I would think a team like Ottawa, who over the last three NHL seasons has averaged the second highest goal output, and are full of exciting players, would make them a team of interest for hockey fans. Throw in the Dominik Hasek and Dany Heatley stories and you have a team that should be intriguing to watch.

Apparently not.

Meanwhile, those ushers of entertaining hockey, the Minnesota Wild, appear six times.

Is OLN appealing to hockey fans in general or fans of specific teams? Because I would think the die hard hockey fan would be interested in seeing the Senators, the Canucks (who also appear zero times), etc., regardless of the fact they're Canadian teams.


At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Bryant said...

I dunno what they are smoking. Looks like they are trying to show off Crosby with 7 Pens games on the schedule. Someone must think that the old names still count for something since the Avs and Wings both got 8 games on the list. My Preds are listed once but probably only because they are hosting the Avs on 12/20.

Did you notice that one of those Wild games was against the Stars and another against the Coyotes? Yaaawwwwnn!

Let's look at the nights the Wild are on TV:
Dec 5 @ Rangers: The other game is the Thrashers and Coyotes. Looks like the Wild are on because they are playing at Madison Square Garden.

Dec 19 vs Stars: There are plenty of better games this night. BUF@PHI (maybe), NYI@TOR, CAL@EDM, LAK@VAN.

Jan 3 @ Wings: Several games this night including TAM@NYR, PIT@MON, and even the CHI@EDM might be fun to watch. Looks like the Wings got them this gig.

Jan 24 vs Coyotes: Barf, choke! 8 other games on and they pick this one?! Oh yeah, Wayne is coaching. I would much prefer to see NAS@DET or any of the following: BOS@ATL, VAN@CBS, CAL@COL. A FLA@TAM and LAK@SJ "rivalry" double header would make for a killer night too!

Jan 31 @ Avalanche: Come on! The Leafs in Tampa Bay would be a far superior game to the Wild in Colorado. There are four other games that I could take or leave.

Feb 28 @ Avalance (again): This night has a great opportunity to showcase some Canadian teams with Canucks visiting Calgary. That game would be a blast. Four other games this night with the DET@SJ matchup being the best of the runner-ups.

Nope, still doesn't make any sense.

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a US network. People in the US barely give a rat's ass about the sport in general, let alone some obscure, underachieving team in Canada. Get over it and watch your own networks.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger CMcMurtry said...

The Senators have consistently finished near the top of the league over the last five or so seasons, so to label them obscure seems somewhat misguided.

And as underachieving as they may be in the playoffs, OLN is mostly televising regular season games, where the Senators excel, not only in goal output but in wins.

You have a team that scores a lot. The changes the league has made indicate they want to promote offense. Why not put on the more offensive teams on their biggest stage?

At 8:30 AM, Blogger just'cuz said...

Maybe it's just easier to get the rights to televise the Minnesota games?

They also have 7 Bruins games; 7 Flyers games; and 8 Red Wings games. Besides, is OLN even available in Canada?

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

Think about it. If they show Minn vs Colorado they'll have two large American markets tuning in to follow their teams. If they show Ottawa vs Boston they get one American market and hope that there are enough Snes fans scattered aronf the US to make up for the fact that the Bruins are playing a Canadian team. If they show Calgary vs Edmonton they don't get a single market tuning in and they probably don't get the dedicated American fans because they have NHL Center Ice or some other specialty package.

They're obviously chasing American viewers. Showing Canadian teams does little to help that cause.


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