Sunday, October 02, 2005

My Fantasy Team

This seems to be a popular thing for hockey bloggers to do, and so I figured I'd throw my hat into the fray.

The Scarlett Johanssons
C Joe Thortnon
C Pavel Daystuk
C Saku Koivu
C Bryan Smolinski
W Alexei Kovalev
W Paul Kariya
W Ladislav Nagy
W Vaclav Prospal
W Nikolai Zherdev
W Ray Whitney
W Mike Knuble
W Georges Laraque
D Chris Pronger
D Pavel Kubina
D Sheldon Souray
D Brad Stuart
D John-Michael Liles
G Dominik Hasek
G Ty Conklin
G Marc Denis

Thornton was my first round pick, second overall. Martin Brodeur went first. It's worth noting that Sidney Crosby did go in the first round as well, which is higher than I would've taken him to be sure.

Paul Kariya went in the mid-rounds, and I suspect a few eye brows were raised at the pick. I guess I'm just crossing my fingers that Kariya, on a new team (that will probably be pretty good) and with something to prove, has the comeback year of the season. A lot has been made about how the new rules, and the ones that will be enforced, empower a guy like Kariya, and I hope they're right. There's no denying the talent is there.

Nik Zherdev is someone I had ranked very highly, and likely higher than the rest of the people in my league, but I'm anticipating a monster year from him. Even if they don't put him with Rick Nash, he'll be a big scorer. As the league commish noted after the pick, his +/-, which is accounted for in this thing, could possibly bring him down a notch, but I still think I'll be happy I took him.

It's also interesting to note that Ray Whitney apparently gets as much respect from fantasy GMs as he does real NHL bosses. He was my last pick, in the 20th round. While I wouldn't say it was an out and out steal, I was pleased that I was able to close the draft on that note. Even playing on a bad team, I expect him to produce. I'm hoping for a 20-30 year, but those may be lofty expectations.

On defence, I don't have a massive point producer, but I'm happy with my overall core. There were a couple of instances where the couple people picking in front of me picked a d-man I was about to take, which as any poolie knows is about the most frustrating occurance in the entire world. Your face goes from a shit eating grin to a look of combined confusion and rage. Still, could be worse.

As for my goalies, I realize I'm taking a pretty big risk with Hasek, who was actually my second round selection (goalies starting going at a rapid speed). However, he's had a strong pre-season, and even if he falls off a little, I'm confident that's still a pretty good team playing in front of him, so statistically, he should be alright. Neither Denis nor Conklin are particularly great goalies, but I'm hedging my bets that Columbus will be greatly improved and Edmonton will be a playoff team. If both, or even one, are wrong, I might be in some trouble in nets.

Overall, even though a couple of the guys I had thought would be around in the late rounds, allowing a steal to occur (apparently the others did more research than I had believed they would), my team seems pretty well rounded and solid.


At 10:58 AM, Blogger Nick said...

Which league are you playing in? Yahoo? That's a solid team... my Yahoo team is nowhere near that good, probably because I'm in a private league with 19 other players. Slim pickins.

At 1:54 PM, Blogger CMcMurtry said...

Yeah, it's a Yahoo league with 11 other guys.


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