Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Denial not just a river in Egypt has a nice little piece on Alexandre Daigle and his new lease on life in Minnesota playing under Jacques Lemaire.

It's pretty heart warming, and even I, a Daigle hater for his entire run here in the nation's capital, was feeling happy for him.

Then I read this part:
"I didn't think I was that bad in Ottawa. I had 20 goals as a rookie and 26 a couple of years later...

Sorry Alex, but you were THAT bad. The fact you had the richest contract ever given to rookie didn't help, nor did all the hype of being drafted first overall and billed as a can't-miss-kid, but even if you were being paid the league minimum and were drafted in the 9th round, your play still wouldn't have been satisfactory.

There are some instances where statistics are misleading, and Alexandre Daigle's time in Ottawa is absolutely one of them. Anyone who saw him play night in and night out, even with 26 goals that first year, knows he was dreadful.

I'm glad you've rediscovered your passion for the game, but please don't start trying to rewrite history.


At 7:05 AM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Cut him some slack, he was only -45 as a rookie and only two other times reached -30. That's only marginally colder than the weather we get here so it ain't all that bad. :-)

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous Jonathan W said...

Could be worse- Jason Bonsignore today blamed the Oilers for his inability to stay in the NHL, despite being the property of three different teams.


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