Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blog update

I apologize for the lack of posts here as of late. With the holidays, I had little time to get online and muse.

I did head out to the Corel Centre for last night's game though, and was very impressed with the effort the Sens gave. Despite being saddled with a gang of penalties early, they fought through it and managed to dominate the 'Canes for the last 50 or so minutes.

It was also tremendous to see them set an attendance record with over 20,000 people in the building. Considering there was a severe freezing rain warning (which made the drive home both long and tiresome), that was very impressive, I thought.

Remember last week when I said this week's games would be a measuring stick? I think they've established themselves very nicely. They've handed it to two pretty good teams, standings wise anyway, despite still missing Jason Spezza, who's chest injury seems to be getting no better. This is now the second time a major player went down with what was supposed to be a minor injury for an extended period of time.

I realize there is no science to this kind of stuff, but why do I get the impression I'm getting spin from the club everytime they use that "day-to-day", "we'll see how it feels tomorrow" jargin? Is the new training staff not doing their jobs? What gives.

Spezza now says the earliest he'll be back is Monday. Luckily, the rest of the team has elevated their games in his absence, particularly Bryan Smolinski in Spezza's place on the first line, but the Senators need Spezza back in the line-up to be 100% effective.

But regardless, this week has been a pretty fruitful one for the team, and even though it would be foolish to look past any team, I can't see that changing with tomorrow's tilt against the Islanders. The Sens have made Yashin and Co. look pretty bad in both of the previous encounters this season.

Regular updates will resume *fingers crossed* tomorrow.


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