Friday, February 24, 2006

I would've been more entertained watching grass grow

After much deliberation, I decided to watch today's semi-finals games without any allegiances. Instead of having a rooting interest in any team involved, I thought it wise to view the games strictly as a hockey fan. Boy did I pick the wrong day to do that.

Because I imagine the one way one could've enjoyed watching these games was if they were a fan of a country playing. If, like me, you were simply a Canadian watching a hockey game because it's hockey and that's what we do, it's probably a safe bet you were bored out of your fucking mind.

Neither game was especially close, and both were incredibly slow, uninteresting, and repetitive. The trap was out in full force. Somewhere, Jacques Lemaire was smiling.

A lot of people seem to be saying, in the wake of the disappointing Canadian exit at the hands of the Russians, that the problem with Canadian hockey is systemic. That we must be doing something wrong. They point to the success of the Finns and to a lesser extent the Swedes, who come from much smaller nations, and say "we have to start doing what they do, because it's clearly working for them."

No thanks. If that means Canadian hockey teams at this level will incorporate similar tactics to win, I'd rather they continue to win every other Olympics and play an exciting style of play. Obviously, I'd like the team to play better than this Team Canada did, but I don't want us to start implementing these bullshit European methods, because, however successful they might be results wise, they create terrible hockey to watch.

Call me a bitter Canadian if you must, but I sure won't be getting up early on Sunday morning to watch the Gold Medal game between the Finns and Swedes.


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