Thursday, March 16, 2006

Apparently bloggers are dabbling in crack smoking now too Pt. 2

From Eklund

I am working on a story that compares the current Pens to the last years of the Nordiques...except this team could be better than the team that won it all in Colorado....

Keep working on that story. I'm sure when it comes out I'll clown it to death because the very idea of it is so absurd I'm surprised anyone could write with a straight face. Are the Penguins amassing an excellent collection of great young talent? Absolutely. But as far as I can tell, that's where the comparisons begin and end.

Having a good young team and shaping that young core into a contender are two entirely different things.

A big part of why the Nordiques/Avalanche were able to become the powerhouse they did was because of the Eric Lindros deal, and that situation was truly one of a kind. I don't see a comparable one coming to Pittsburgh anytime soon.

I have always said they will be a play-off team and I predict that that should they draw Ottawa in the first round the Sens will be one and done.

Perhaps I have rose colored glasses on, being that I'm a Senator fan, but I would most definitely love love LOVE for their first round opponent to be the Habs. In a seven-game series, I think Ottawa would hand the Canadiens their ass with ease. The only team in the mix I'd rather they match up against for the opening round is Tampa, and that's just based on how well Ottawa has played the Lightning this season.

Montreal is a team with a lot of moxy, and they're certainly doing well to keep themselves in the playoff picture, but with that defence, that lack of depth at forward as far as scoring, and that goalie with zero playoff games under his belt, I can't see how any rational person would think Montreal would beat them.


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Eklund is an idiot. Most of his rumors are non-sensical and his commentary is even more out there.

I could see the Penguins being a very good team 3-5 years down the road if Crosby, Malkin, Fleury and whoever they draft this summer all develop into stars. Those are big ifs though and they would still have to intelligently add some quality veterens. A more suitable comparison might be the Tampa Bay Lightning when they had young guys like Lecavalier and Richards develop together.

As for Montreal beating Ottawa, it is possible if Huet continues his stellar play. Almost every upset revolves around great goaltending. That said, I am not sure Montreal has enough size and grit up front to wear down the Senators forwards like the Toronto teams have done in the past. But they did show some fight in them last playoffs when they came back to defeat the Bruins so you never know. In the NHL playoffs, anything can happen. There are no sure things.

My opinion is that you almost always want to play the team with the worst goaltending. That's Tampa, especailly now that Burke is injured.


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