Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Buffalo 5 Ottawa 4 (OT)

The Senators imploded with less than a minute left in the third period, and the momentum the Sabres got from the goal that tied the game carried over into the overtime. With the help of the officials via a questionable call, they got the two points.

Based on all accounts, the fact that Ottawa came out of this game with even a single point in the standings has to be looked at as a positive. The consensus is that they did not have a good game, that the Sabres were the better team.

But let’s keep things in perspective: this team, riddled with injuries, played without four of their top five defencemen. They only dressed five d-men, and three of them aren’t even in their top six mix. Rookie Andrej Meszaros logged a ridiculous 37 minutes of ice time, and his partner Brian Pothier wasn’t far off with 36. This is more than double what they guys are used to playing. Christoph Schubert played over 24.

And it doesn’t look to be getting better in time for tomorrow night’s game against the Habs. Anton Volchenkov isn’t expected to be back, though the early word is that it’s a game-time decision. Wade Redden remains in Alberta tending to his ill mother, and there is no timeline for his return. We’re all much to familiar with the Zdeno Chara. Depending on who you believe, he’s either out for a month or day-to-day. With this team, they sort of mean the same thing. We do know Chris Phillips will be out for that long.

The simple solution, of course, is to call someone up from Binghamton to plug the h, but apparently the curse of injured blueliners has struck them too.

I have no clue what they will do against Montreal. Meszaros and Pothier have to be drained, and I can’t see them being able to play those kind of minutes back-to-back without falling over and dying. Does that mean you up the minutes of Brad Norton, Schubert, and Filip Novak, the 7th, 8th, and 9th defencemen in the system?

At least you won’t be able to say it’ll be a boring night.

EDIT: Wednesday’s loss is noteworthy because it marks the first time all season the Sens have scored four goals and lost. I suppose it had to happen sometime.


At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How 'bout this Dman group:


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous KevinP said...

Even Daniel Briere said in his post-game interview "let's not get carried away, we didn't beat the real Senators."

But still, getting two points from you guys is a big boost for a slumping sabres team.


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