Thursday, April 13, 2006

Everytime I think I'm out, THEY pull me back in!

It's funny, and from my perspective somewhat sad, how drastically things can change in a mere 24 hours.

On Wednesday, all was well in Sens Fan World. All the planets looked to be alligning perfectly. The night before, both Wade Redden and Zdeno Chara came back with strong games, with Chara scoring two goals including the game winner in OT. We finally got a definitive date for Martin Havlat's return (Saturday night). Dominik Hasek's progress was moving along nicely, and there were even reports he was going to play Saturday night as well.

After a few weeks of uncertaining regarding a lot of key players availability for the playoffs, we were finally getting a clear picture, and it was great.

Now, not so much.

As I write this on late Thursday night, this team's goaltending is in quite the quandry. Hasek suffered a "set back" during practice Thursday morning. What that set back is is anyone's guess, but if you're expecting a straight answer from either the team or Dominik himself, you're out of your mind. Is it serious or a minor thing? Who the Hell knows. Hasek is saying the right things, about now shooting for Tuesday vs. the Rangers,

Hasek still being injured is not that big a deal to me. If you've been reading this blog over the past month, you know I haven't exactly been optimistic about his return anyway. I said that the team should just assume he's not coming back, put their chips on Ray Emery, and if Hasek is somehow able to play, it's a bonus.

One problem: now Ray Emery is hurt too.

Again, they're being coy about its severity, saying it's a sore hip, but I don't trust that for one second.

And who didn't see this coming? I sure did, and I don't pretend to be any sort of expert on this. A week ago, I wrote, in my explanation for why it was time to rest Emery and play Morrison, that they were risking hurting Emery by playing him so much.

isn’t it wise to have your back-up game ready in case, worst case scenario, something happens to Emery? I know that sounds far fetched, however this team appears to cursed as of late. No injury circumstance should be dismissed as unrealistic.

So now we have Hasek back to his "I'll be back when I'm ready" doublespeak, Emery banged up, and a third goalie, Morrison, who hasn't exactly blown me away with his play between the pipes.

A fun perdicament to be in, huh?

I'm hoping I'm worrying over nothing. But one fact cannot be ignored: the playoffs start in a week. The days of being able to dismiss an injury because we're months away from the postseason are over. We're seven days from games that matter a whole lot.

And my fears weren't exactly calmed by their performance Thursday night against the Panthers. The powerplay sucked, squandering two 5-on-3s with nothing to shwo for them, too many key players were passengers, and they were lucky to get a point out of it all. To say they looked lost for the majority of the game would be kind. They were outplayed by a team who won't even be in the playoffs, badly.

Which one of you damn Leafs fans is putting pins into your Sens doll while speaking in tongues, and what do I have to do to convince you to stop? Ask nicely?

Fortunately, all it will take to make me feel better would be the Sens beating the shit out of the Leafs, again, and putting them out of the playoffs. Let's hope it happens.

UPDATE: You thought I was negative? She needs to talked off the ledge ASAP!


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