Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Finally, some good news

It looks as if Ottawa will be one step closer to a healthy squad tonight when the Sens take the ice in Buffalo. Both Daniel Alfredsson and Mike Fisher will be back in the line-up, which is tremendous news. From where I sit, Alfie and Fisher have been two of the five most important players to this team this season (the other three being Zdeno Chara, Wade Redden, and Dany Heatley).

Buffalo is a team skidding fast. Before their win over Toronto the other night, they had lost an ungodly number of games in a row and looked to be in trouble, thus bringing out the pundits to wonder if they had piqued two months too soon.

I expect tonight's game to be of the entertaining variety, because even with more space between the two teams now than there was a three weeks ago, they're still two of the top teams in the East.

It's probably a bigger game for the Sabres, who have something to prove, but I'm sure the Sens will want to hammer home the point that they're on a whole nother level than Buffalo. A win would make that point pretty clear.


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