Monday, April 17, 2006

Live by the sword and all that muckity muck

Watching the highlights of tonight's Washington-Atlanta game, I'd love to say I was surprised to see the Thrashers goaltending let them down yet again, but that would be a bold faced lie. It was almost like clockwork, and I can't imagine how frustrated the fans of that team are.

This was a playoff team, make no mistake about it. They were undone by bad luck and piss poor goaltending. A lot of that was because guys like Michael Garnett and Adam Berkholder were thrown into a situation they weren't ready for, but even the veterans who were brought into the fold failed to stabilize things. It's no coincedence the team was much better in every way with Kari Lehtonen between the pipes. He not only made the big saves when he had to, but his play gave the team confidence to play a more aggressive style and utilize all that firepower that makes them so dangerous.

One has to wonder what kind of season they would've had if Lehtonen had been healthy for even 3/4 of the year. I'm pretty confident they'd be playing Friday, that's for sure.

Even with all the turmoil and doubt in Ottawa right now as we approach the playoffs, we can at least take solice in the fact we're in the dance. Marian Hossa has to be looking on and wondering what if. He's got $6 million, but won't be in the postseason for the first time in his career.


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