Saturday, June 24, 2006

Redden in, Havlat out?

So says Bruce Garrioch anyway. In today's Ottawa Sun, he's reporting that the Sens are close to signing Wade Redden to a new deal and it might be announced as early as today.

On the other hand, Martin Havlat's "one year only" plea has the team shopping him. Interested parties are said to be San Jose, Los Angeles (for Alexander Frolov and Carolina)

Could be a big day.


At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 1 year contract thing is garbage. Last year before he was injured Ottawa was shopping Havlet constantly - every week last year there was a new location & players involved & in most cases Ottawa seemed willing to trade downwards. Also, I do not see other team or even Ottawa (Redden & Chara) unloading players only signed for one more year. Also, I believe that I read in the Globe & Mail that Havlet's agent said his client was prepared to discuss longer contracts. As I said, Muckler & Murray seemed to have decided they just do not want Havlet. I presume Havlet has got the message clearly & he also wants out of Ottawa.



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