Monday, July 31, 2006

Yeah.... good luck with that

So the Detroit Red Wings have done the unthinkable and signed Dominik Hasek to a one-year deal.

This tells me a few things:

1) They're desperate. I have to think this was about the last option they would've wanted to explore, or maybe second-to-last, ahead only of the Ed Belfour scenario, which they seemed to be zeroing in on a few weeks ago. I'm sure Ken Holland went through every other option available, whether it be trading for someone or signing another available goalie, and this is what they've come to. Financially, they had little room to maneuver, and Hasek comes cheap. Still, rewind back to 2004 when Hasek quit on the Wings and had the whole room wanting to choke him. A lot of those same faces are still present, and I doubt they've forgotten.

2) Hasek's "I only want to play for Ottawa" spiel was bullshit. Back when Dominik was on TSN's Off The Record in June doing his best Condi Rize impression, spinning as if his life was on the line, he said that he would only play for the Senators this season, and if not, would retire. I guess when he said it, he was confident they were going to come running back to him, which shows just how dillusional he is. I don't blame him for wanting to play still, but it'll take the jaws of life to remove the future Hall of Famer's foot from his mouth.

At the day, I don't think this is a terrible move. Hasek, if healthy, can be a gamebreaker. However, we all know he won't be healthy. The odds of it happening just aren't very good, and you have to plan for the most likely scenario as a GM, and in this case, it's Dominik in the press box for games that matter most.

However, as a cheap band-aid for the season, it's not a bad move. He'll secure a lot of wins for the Wings in the 30 or so games he plays and buys them some time. By the time the trade deadline comes around, the market for goalies, from teams with two starters and wanting to unload one, might diminish, and they'll be able to get a Vesa Toskala or Martin Biron for cheaper (both player-wise and financially) than they could now.

I wonder if Vegas is taking bets on how many games the Dominator logs before the groin/abductor/whatever else they wanna call it to spin the truth acts up again. I know how I'll be betting.


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Ross said...

Put me down for 15 games, tops.

At 2:57 PM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

I'm sure he will be on a short leash. On bit of attitude and he'll be gone. That said, Hasek proved last year he is still a very good goalie and if he is healthy for the playoffs he could take the Wings on a lengthy play off run. There will likely be a number of goalies available throughout the season so if need be they can still go out and get one.

At 3:46 PM, Blogger Donald said...

I was one of the of the three people in Ottawa (including Mucks) who wanted to bring Hasek back. Before he got injured, he was the best goalie in the league. I figured that we could keep him fresh by giving a bigger role to Emery. Maybe then Emery would be able to stop something smaller than a beach ball. Still, after the Lalime debacle and the 1st Hasek flop, we Ottawa fans would have lynched someone if the 2006-2007 ended with yet another goaltending controversy. For that reason, Hasek had to go. But this move by Detroit smacks of desperation as McMurtry says. One look to see who’s available and it is clear that they were scraping the bottom of the barrel .While it is true any team can loose its #1 goalie to injury but when your #1 is an injury prone 41 year old man, you’re simply asking for trouble. Don’t worry Detroit, we won’t say "we told you so"

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Still, after the Lalime debacle and the 1st Hasek flop, we Ottawa fans would have lynched someone if the 2006-2007 ended with yet another goaltending controversy.

Well, Gerber is anything but a sure thing. He's a 31 year old goalie with just 114 regular season games played with another 8 playoff games and his goals against average and save percentage were middle of the road last year.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Donald said...

David,Ottawa does not need a stellar goalie to win. We just need someone who won't cost us the game. Even when Hasek was playing well for us, I don't recall him stealing any games. On the other hand, think of the first playoff match against Buffalo. In my mind, Emery cost us that game. So,if Gerber is average, my prediction is that we are going to the conference final.

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous David Johnson said...

Donald: Not really. Ottawa scored just 7 goals in games 2 thru 5 of the Buffalo series and never more than 2 goals in any of them. In those 4 games you needed a goalie to steal a game for you. One could argue that Miller stole game 2 (43 saves) and game 5 (34 saves) for Buffalo. Stealing games is what matters in the playoffs and is often the difference between winning and losing. Ottawa's offense is good but it isn't so much better than the other top teams that they can get by with average goaltending especially when the other guys have a top goaltender. It is possible to have playoff success with an average offense but it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have playoff success with average goaltending.

At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you don't remember Hasek stealing you any games, you've got a short memory...think back to a certain game against Vancouver, when Hasek singlehandedly earned Ottawa a point in a shootout loss to Vancouver--Van had 38 shots, Hasek yielded two goals. Hasek had several outstanding games against Carolina...November 10th against Boston he stopped 37/39 shots in a 5-2 win; the game would've been different with another keeper in net. Let's not forget the first game of the season when Toronto still had their bubble of superiority and Hasek stunned Toronto with his play in OT (unbelievable post to post play) and then in the shootout. The last game of his season against Philadelphia was also a great game, winning 3-2 with 29 saves. Let's be honest, it's hard to "steal" a game when your team is so great, but to imply Hasek was merely average or "good enough" is missing the greatness of this player. Ottawa will regret picking Gerber over him.


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